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Stop Snoring Loud !
Stop Drying Out With Your

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Snoring Loud With Mouth Open


CPAP Giving You Troubles?

Are you still waking with headaches, & dry nasal passages and extremely dry mouth?


Dr. Dakota’s CPAP Accessory Will Help

It stabilizes the Jaw, aligning the airway a little better, helping to correct the respiratory mechanics…

Snoring Solutions

Dry Mouth & Throat is Common with a CPAP

Just because you wear a CPAP, doesn’t mean your mouth won’t fall open while you’re sleeping.


Now Your Dreaming Again!

Now the Forced Air from your CPAP is directed where it needs to go….No More Drying Out….and You’re dreaming again!

If you Snore Loudly with your Mouth Open or Closed, and Wake Up Gasping for Air, It's time to get checked out by a Sleep Clinic Doctor

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