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About us

aboutusdrdakotaIn 2014, I researched and reviewed products used by people who suffer with Loud Snoring and Sleep Apnea.  I was focused to design a snoring product; people could comfortably use every night. Not something that would place a crease across the face or make the hair follicles painful to the touch. An odorless product that wouldn’t cause undo-pressure on the jaw. No sore gums or loose teeth. Something that would assimilate to the user. I didn’t want it to be too masculine or too feminine. A simple logical device, everyone could use.

by Dr. Dakota

I researched and reviewed all the anti-snoring / sleep apnea devices selling on the market. I first created a Clay Mold. Then I  prepared a CAD you see on the right for the Manufacturer. Now my Product is helping Thousands all across America…

“Sleep Well My Friends”

                  …Dr. Dakota…

 Dr. Dakota Mold