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“I was trying to recall when I first became aware of my Snoring, and remembered a time back in my early 30’s, when a girl friend recorded me napping one afternoon. She actually was laughing and speaking to the effect of, “I’m now entering the cave of the sleeping bear!” The sound that I heard on the recorder was an unearthly testimony to my sleeping habit at the time. I truly thought it was a joke; the bellowing noise could not have been emitted from my mouth breathing while I slept. I was shocked, surprised and embarrassed, all at the same time.

Since that time, many years have passed and all the while I’ve looked for something to help me get a good night sleep. I’ve tried everything, from the special pillows, nose strips, nose clips, throat sprays and mouth pieces. They may have worked for other people, but just didn’t do the job for me. I did find one item that came close to helping me, because it kept my jaw from falling back and cutting off my airway, causing me to Snore Loudly. But it to had some flaws and soon it ended up in my night stand with other devices I’ve tried.

This since has brought me to wearing a CPAP Face Mask. As soon as I started using it, it was drying out my nasal passages,  lips, eyes and throat. Then my brother designed Dr. Dakota’s Snoring Stop for me, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It goes back to supporting your jaw, keeping if from falling back and cutting off your breathing. It helps to align your airway and directs the forced air where it needs to go. My oxygen supply is restored, and I wake up in the same position as when I fall asleep. Another sensation that has pleasantly been restored is I’m able to dream again, without waking, because I’m gasping for air. It took a couple of nights to get use to, but soon began to barely noticed I was wearing it, because of its soft texture.  This device I can truthfully say, it’s the best product for me and I hope it will help others.”

W. Lang

Albuquerque, NM

I’ve tried several other snoring remedies, and this one actually appears to work great with my CPAP. I’ve been using it for about a week and I know that I’m snoring is a lot quieter..It definitely keeps my mouth closed, so it does not dry out my mouth while using my CPAP. Blessings to the people that came out with this product.

J. Cotto

Queens, NY


Roger Polanskideco-testi

Santa Fe, NM

WOW the day after the night I first used this product I woke up a different person, I have sleep apnea and if you don’t know what that is your probably have it too check out the link I have to say it works great it’s not as bulky as it looks, but that’s the whole point of it. my wife is happy and I truly wake up with a perfect nights sleep. The second night I’d ask my self is this magic, it’s been now almost a week and wow I thought I wasn’t getting enough sleep but I notice I was getting the same amount of hours of sleep and because of this product I can actual enjoy sleeping, and waking up refreshed, not cranky or tired.

Great product. I actually use this in conjunction with my cpap. It reduces apnea episodes (confirmed by the daily readouts on my cpap machine) by 60%. Takes a few nights to adjust to having something around your neck, but more than worth the adjustment period. I am ordering one of these for my brother who also suffers from sleep apnea. Took a nap using only this product and my wife said afterwards that snoring was minimized dramatically. Highly recommend, especially for those who like to sleep on side or back( I do both). Great product! Wish I had discovered it long before now. THANK YOU!!!