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Product Description

Snoring Stop - Size Regular - Adjustable Neck Size 10" - 17"


 Dr. Dakota Anti-Snoring / CPAP Accessory

  • Made with Memory Foam with a Jacquard Velvet Covering! 
  • Hypo-Allergenic Dust Mite Resistant!
  • A Simple, Logical Device that Aligns Your Airway! Helps to Correct the Respiratory Mechanics by Stabilizing the Jaw!
  • May Lower the Volume of Loud Snoring and Eliminate Waking Up Gasping for Air, Simply By Keeping the Mouth Closed and Doing it More Comfortably than Other Products You May Have Used Before!
  • Works Very Well With Continuous Positive Airway Pressure! (CPAP) by Helping to Direct the Forced Air Where it Needs to Go, so that it Does Not Dry Your Nasal Passages, Throat, Lips and Tongue.
  • Increased REM Sleep-You Will Begin to Dream Again!
  • Please Note: If you Snore Very Loud with Your Mouth Closed, You May Need to Contact a Sleep Clinic for an Evaluation and or A Medical Doctor.