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Sleep Well Anywhere, Anytime

Recharging Your Brain and Body!

While developing my Snoring Stop Device I discovered a second concept.

“The Revolutionary Art of Sleeping in a Vertical Position.”

Astonished as I was with my discovery, the idea of supporting the back of the head with a “U-Shaped Travel Pillow” makes no sense. It only causes the neck to bend forward and eventually your mouth falling open. My Product provides support to the jaw, relieving the weight of the head, instantly relaxing your neck and shoulders. Now you can achieve rest any where. Use it when taking a Power Nap in your Office. Or on a road trip in your car. Maybe catch up on sleep while commuting on the Train. A layover in the Lobby of an Airport.  It will help re-charge your Brain. It’s easy to pack away. Fast becoming the favorite carry-on when traveling by Airplane!

“Sleep Well Anywhere, Anytime”
Dr. Dakota…