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The REGULAR Size is the most common size ordered.

Additional Sizing Information: 

The Regular Size will fit persons with a neck circumference raging from 10″ – 20″

I developed the LARGE size for people with a longer neck. Long, Meaning, there’s a lot of space to fill from the bottom of their neck (Suprasternal Notch) up to the bottom of their chin / Midline.

Referring to the Illustration Below, simply measure from the bottom of your Chin (Midline) to the bottom of your neck (Suprasternal Notch) to help determine if you need the LARGE OR REGULAR size.

What makes me snore?

If you’ve been using an Anti-Snoring Device, or even a few in combination every night of your life, I’m hoping this single Product will work for you. It works very well with a CPAP Machines to help stabilize the jaw, and probably more comfortable than other products you may have used. It helps to align the airway, directing the forced air where it needs to go. This way your CPAP is not working against you, blowing the air wildly, drying out your nasal passages, throat, eyes, lips and gums. If you Sleep on your Side, this Product will work well and is easy to get use to. Most have reported it’s like snuggling with a small pillow.

Dr. Dakota Snoring Stop CPAP User

 To Experience the Practical Purpose of this Product, here’s something to try when it first arrives:

Let’s take a Power Nap….Sit in a Recliner with the Dr. Dakota on. Recline back a bit, fold your arms. Immediately, you realize it does keep your mouth from gaping open while taking a nap. The recliner helps to demonstrate how the Product works. It teaches you, the practical use. Click on the Photo Below to Read More on the Importance of Power Napping.

Try sleeping at an incline, using a few pillows. Don’t stack them, one on top of the other. Stack them at an incline, one at a time towards the head board of your bed, so you’re sleeping on a slant. You may want to purchase an Incline Pillow.

Let the Product do its job, which is to comfortably keep your mouth closed. Don’t try holding it down with your chin, or it may cause undue stress on your neck.

If you are having problems waking gasping for air, this Product will eliminate this from happening, simply by keeping the mouth closed. If you Snore Loud, it will at least lower the volume, just by keeping your mouth closed.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you Snore Very Loud even with your mouth closed, then this Product may not work for you. That being said, I would make an appointment with a Sleep Clinic. Snoring Very Loud, even with your mouth closed, is nothing to ignore. I would seek a Medical Professional.

I hope you accomplish a good fit and achieve quality sleep every night of your life. Don’t give up too quick. This Practical Device will work, but give yourself time to find the right sleeping position. “Sleep” is just as important as Food, Water, Exercise and Sunshine.  Your Mind needs Sleep every night in order to Re-boot! 

Please keep in mind, not all Anti-Snoring / Sleep Apnea Devices work for everyone, and the same goes with my Product. If you find it this product does not work for you, simply return within 2-weeks of the Post Mark and your money will be refunded.

Remember getting a good night’s sleep is very important to your Brain and Your Heart….Click on the Heart and Read More…


“Sleep Well My Friends”

Dr. Dakota…


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