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chronic loud snoring fix

After sharing a room with my brother on a road trip, I was determined to design something that would help him achieve a good night's rest every night, for the rest of his life...

I designed this product to provide one of the best snoring solutions…

In 2014, I researched and reviewed products used by people who suffer with Loud Snoring and Sleep Apnea. I was focused to design a snoring product; people could comfortably use every night. Not something that would place a crease across the face or make the hair follicles painful to the touch. An odorless product that wouldn’t cause undo-pressure on the jaw. No sore gums or loose teeth. Something that would assimilate to the user. I didn’t want it to be too masculine or too feminine. A simple logical device, everyone could use.

I researched and reviewed all the anti snoring devices / snoring solutions selling on the market. I first created a Clay Mold, then prepared a CAD you see on the right for the Manufacturer. Now my product is helping thousands all across America.
"Sleep Well My Friends"
Dr. Dakota..."

Stop Snoring! Re-Boot The Brain With Quality Sleep!

A Simple, Logical Device

Some People Snore Loud on occasion. Most commonly, when their mouth falls open. Our Product helps to Lower the Volume of Loud Snoring, simply by keeping the mouth closed more comfortably than other devices you may have used. It's made of Memory Foam with a Patented Anti-Microbial, Dust Mite Resistant, Jacquard Velvet Covering. It's secured in place with a fastening strap, adjustable from 10-21 inch Neck Circumference.

Are You Waking Gasping For Air?

Some people who Snore Loud, usually experience symptoms of Sleep Apnea, such as waking up suddenly, gasping for air, and always feeling fatigued during the day.. Our Product may help eliminate those scary episodes from ever happening again. In Fact, I bet you'll start dreaming again. A part of sleep that faded away because of your Snoring and Sleep Apnea...

Do You Wear a CPAP?

Like most people who snore, you're still chasing, unable to find the illusive snoring solution. You're trying anything and everything to stop snoring. Now, A simple, logical Snoring Product has proven to comfortably stabilize the jaw, align the airway, directing the forced air where it needs to go, preventing the dryness usually associated with a CPAP Nose Piece or Mask.

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