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Product Directions

Stop Snoring

Product Directions & Information

  • Here’s something to try with Dr. Dakota Snoring Stop as soon as it arrives. This will help demonstrate the practical purpose it was designed for. Sit in a Recliner with the Dr. Dakota on. Recline back a bit, fold your arms. relax and Immediately, you realize it does keep your mouth from gaping open while taking a nap.
  • The recliner helps to demonstrate how the Product works. It teaches you, the practical use.
  • Next will be to sink this Product with your Sleep Position when you go to bed. It works the first night for a lot of people, but may take a few nights for some. Don’t give up, it will work. If you must use an anti-snoring device to get a good night’s rest, this is the most comfortable device on the market today. It may be challenging the first few nights, but you will get so used to it, you will forget you’re even wearing it.
  • Try sleeping at an incline, using a few pillows. Don’t stack them, one on top of the other. Stack them at an incline, one at a time towards the head board of your bed, so you’ll be sleeping on a slant. Let the Product do its job, which is to comfortably keep your mouth closed. Don’t try holding it down with your chin, or it may cause undue stress on your neck.
  • If you are having problems waking gasping for air, this Product will prevent that from happening, simply by keeping the mouth closed. If you Snore Loud, it will at least lower the volume, just by keeping your mouth closed. CPAP Users will find this Product very helpful the first night they use it. It may take some time to get used to, but so does the CPAP right?
  • Dr. Dakota will help to stabilize the jaw and direct the force air where it needs to go, so that it does not dry out your throat, eye lids, gums, lips and nasal passages. If you need a longer Fastening Strap, simply contact me and I will send you one out.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you Snore Very Loud even with your mouth closed, then this Product may not work for you. It’s time to make an appointment with a Sleep Clinic. Snoring Very Loud, even with your mouth closed, is nothing to ignore. I would seek a Medical Professional.
  • But Wait There’s More! Also, read about My Special Gift For You! I thought I would let you know, when I developed this Product, I created a Second Valuable Concept. I created THE ART OF RESTING IN A VERTICAL POSITION. Such as Traveling on an Airplane…on a Train, on a Bus, parked at a Rest Stop, sitting in an Airport Lobby or simply taking a Power Nap in an Office.
  • Astonished by my discovery, I realized one needs Support to the Front of the Head, not the Back. By placing this product under my Chin, I was supporting the full weight of the head, which instantly released the tension in my neck and shoulders. I felt it right away….and fell asleep. No More U-Shaped Neck Pillows. Those only make your head fall forward. We all used them for years…but not anymore!
  • This Product is Fast becoming a favorite carry-on when traveling by air. Soon, This Product will be sold as “Dr. Dakota’s Traveling Headrest” in Airports and Travel Centers. WOW! YOU GOT YOURS FOR FREE! What a deal! You have 2 Products for the Price of $19.99 !!!
  • This is my Gift to You!
  • Click on “Sleep Well Anywhere” in the Menu above.
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